Snow Day in Atlanta, Georgia

It finally snowed in Atlanta, Georgia!! Like, REALLY snowed!! We have experienced snow flurries before – but I have never experienced actual falling / sticking snow! Coming from Florida, this was a beautiful sight! I wanted to play in it all day. But the downfall to this snow was driving in it. I was initially at work when this all happened and spent 5 hrs driving home, getting stuck in ice, watching cars slide right past me while people abandon their cars to walk home. Overall, last night was pretty scary. But I got to enjoy it a bit more this morning as Atlanta is still experiencing grid-lock traffic. The south is not built for snow! haha!

Janelle C Photography - Atlanta Georgia Lifestyle Photographer_010

Here are some shots of Lucy experiencing snow for the first time. She didn’t know what to make of it… ha!

Janelle C Photography - Atlanta Georgia Lifestyle Photographer_013
Janelle C Photography - Atlanta Georgia Lifestyle Photographer_009
Janelle C Photography - Atlanta Georgia Lifestyle Photographer_014
Janelle C Photography - Atlanta Georgia Lifestyle Photographer_012
Janelle C Photography - Atlanta Georgia Lifestyle Photographer_015

I hope you all stay warm!

Janelle C Photography - Atlanta Georgia Lifestyle Photographer_011

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Emilia Jane - Oh my gosh Lucy is too cute in the snow!

Isabelle - Holy moly! You have more snow than we do, and I’m in Stockholm Sweden!! Well, looks like fun!

Sarah - Such fun! I love the snow :)

Annie - Lovely pics, Lucy look so beautiful in the snow.

St. Regis Wedding Photographer | Atlanta, Georgia

Last September I had a great privilege to 2nd shoot with Erik Umphrey for the wedding of Bridgett and Jerrod. Their wedding was so much fun and they were such a wonderful couple to work with! Here are some of my favorite images from their day.


Bridgette is also apart of my sorority – Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc!:)


Congrats again, you two! 


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Gaby - These are beautiful shots! What an elegant wedding!

Alison Harper - What a stunning wedding and a beautiful couple! Great shooting!

Kelly Ewell - So elegant and classy!

Michael and Carina - A triumph. An absolutely gorgeous wedding. Wonderfully photographed.

Isabelle - What en elegant wedding and you captured it so lovely!

Sarah Tapanes - Incredibly classic and beautiful. I LOVE your work.

Emilia Jane - Love that first dress shot!

Abbey - What a beautiful wedding Janelle!!!! My favorite is the shoe shot (of course)!!!

2013… what an amazing year!

It amazes me how this year has flown by so quickly. This year has been a year of growth for my business and myself.

Janelle C Photography Client Gifts-0001 copy

Lessons Learned-

  • I have learned its ok to say “no” and focus on what is best for my business and my personal life.
  • I have learned to stick to my business practices and to never stray from it. Ever.
  • I have learned to stop doubting myself. I am my biggest roadblock – seriously. For anyone that knows me, I am an Extrovert. I love to meet new people. I am intrigued with what makes people tick. I think out loud – and in order for me to get over something, I need to talk it out. But when I doubt myself I don’t say anything. I don’t let my insecurities known. I am literally beating myself up inside until I implode. I have learned that the images I produce are what I consider beautiful and it is how I see beauty in this world. I have accepted that I am not like every photographer. My images are not like others – and I am FINALLY ok with that.  I used to gawk at other photographers images and wondered why my images couldn’t be like there’s. But it wasn’t until my clients gave me unbelievable feedback on how much they loved my work – my self-doubt became acceptance and love.


Things I am grateful for:

  • My husband – He has been my biggest supporter and motivator. He has seen my struggles, offers advice and is there to listen to me when I really need it.
  • My Clients – I have had the BEST clients a girl could ever ask for! Each one of my clients has been amazing to work with! I got to learn so much about them and developed amazing friendships out of them. I am thankful they have allowed me to capture their special memories and for trusting me to tell their story with my photographs. I am FOREVER grateful!
  • My parents- I am so blessed to have my parents in my life. As an only child, I am extremely close to my family. The extra measures of grace and unconditional love that my parents have showered on me is the backbone of the woman I am today. Their love is the reason I am who I am, the reason I love the way I love. I couldn’t have done a single day of 2013 without their constant encouragement and support and guidance.  In the end, EVERYDAY of my life is a blessing that they are in my life.
  • You! My fellow blog readers! I am so thankful for you to be reading my blog and leaving encouraging words for each session I post.


What I look forward to in 2014-

  • Simplifying my life – Removing distractions, staying focused on one project at a time.
  • Networking – I have connected with so many wedding vendors and fellow photogs this year. I look forward to collaborating with them in the New Year!
  • Expanding & developing my business – I am working on developing my brand, creating a client experience that is fun and memorable.
  • Taking time away from social media – This is huge for me! I am an avid Instagram/ Facebook junkie! When I am idle, I am on one of those social media sites. I have caught myself checking Facebook or Instagram while at dinner or even watching a movie.  I know, I know – I am so guilty! I am going to gradually unplug from social media in the New Year.  I may not be able to totally unplug, but at least I can schedule times of when I can be “plugged in” while maintaining a balanced life.

It feels good to reflect on and remember where God has taken me, what He has brought me through this year and where I am heading next. 2013 was a year for me to reevaluate my business, learn from my mistakes, taking all of my ideas out of my head and turning them into actions. 2014 will be a year of forward steps – and I am extremely excited to get started!


Do you have any New Years resolutions? Feel free to share some below!

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Gaby - So important to look back at your success to set goals for the upcoming year! Best of luck to you!

Dani - Awesome post!! So excited to see what 2014 brings you!!

Michael and Carina - Inspirational! Thanks for sharing!!

Natalie - This is such a great post! :) I love how you constantly express gratitude and genuine honesty! Go girl!

Debbie M - what a great time to reflect personally and professionally.