Tasha & Rohan – Part 1

I had such an amazing time capturing Tasha & Rohan! Tasha is has a twin sister, Sasha, who I photographed last year! You can check out her session here! Tasha & Rohan had so many beautiful images – it was so hard to put them all in 1 blog post! So for now – here is Part 1 of their session!


… ENJOY! ….


Even though it was such a windy day – Tasha and Rohan made it so much fun!!!

Janelle C Photography

Tasha – you are so fierce!!! I love it!!!

My Favorite and their accessories are to die for!!!

Stay Tuned for Part 2!!!!

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Dani - Gorgeous part 1!! Can’t wait to see part 2! And I love their outfits, oops, guys don’t like when you say outfits, I love her dress and his clothes! Her shoes and her bracelet even pop!!

teri pozniak // tPoz - beautiful! Love the ones of their hands together!

Emilia Jane - Love her dress! These are so sweet

caitlin elizabeth - her dress is so cute!!

Lauren C - They are so coordinated! It’s too cute

Tasha & Rohan – Part 2 » Janelle C. Photography [Blog] - […] If you missed part one – you can check it out here!!!!! […]

Summer, oh summer!

Oh Summer! You have been so good to me! It was such a beautiful day! As summer is coming to a close a couple our friends decided to go on a boat trip to Lake Allatoona. It was so much fun to say the least!

Yup, there goes my husband!:)

With majority being Jamaican – there had to be dominos! lol!:)
The water was so amazing!
 A boat full of Delta’s that represent the best number – 21! OO-OOP!
And here are the lovely couples on our trip….

L – Tashinea & Junior : The lovely couple that planned this event! You may remember their session HERE

R – Shaniqua & Jamil: The happy and new parents of their baby girl, Essence …. You may remember their maternity session HERE

The lovely and hilarious couple, Kisha and Q…
My husband and I:)
Such an amazing day!!!!

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Emilia Jane - Oh this all looks SO fun!!

Katie Yuen - I love spending time on the water in the summer! It’s so fun!

caitlin elizabeth - looks like you had a blast :) y’all are so attractive!!

Kimberly Murray - Looks like y’all had a blast! So much fun. And so many good looking couples! Oh, and I have the same tshirt as your hubby…too funny!

tashinea - I admire you ism!! Can’t wait to see the other pics from Keisha and Stephen mini shoot

Shaniqua Wright - I had such a blast with you guys… we must do it again. Janelle your work is Simply AMAZING!!!!

Kisha - Love the pix!!! U really are talented… Def had a blast. And so waiting for the next outing!

July wrap-up!

Ah – July! Where did you go!? It’s crazy how the year is running by… This year has been such an adventure! Since moving to Atlanta last September, my husband and I are going EVERYWHERE! Seriously! We are going to new places, eating at new restaurants, and acting like tourists!!! It has been a blast to meet new people and to hang out with friends!

Here are some of July highlights:

1) Going to the Georgia Aquarium

2) My parents visited us and we took them to the Georgia Aquarium

3, 4, 5) Our visit to the Andretti Indoor Karting & Games — so much fun!

6) I love it when Lucy looks out the window on her hind legs

7) I hate it when she wake me up in the morning…lol!

8 & 9 ) Date night to Do (dough) restaurant! I believe every restaurant should have Ipads for ordering food and drinks! AMAZING! If you’re in Georgia you  definitely have to go!

Bonus – Meeting Zach and Jody Gray at WPPIU!!!! The sweetest couple EVER!!! Jody gave great advice and I hope to implement it within my business!

Here are some of my favorite images throughout the year so far!

1) I love these 2!

2 & 3) We lovvveee to bowl!

4) The best twist out I have ever experienced since going natural!

5) Yes, my Lucy sits like this… totally weird!

6) My favorite gift my client gave me! I absolutely adore this necklace!

7, 8 & 9) Back home in Miami – taking in the sun on South Beach!

10) Tiramisu at Shout! restaurant and Lounge

11) Yes, that’s how my Lucy sleeps with her favorite blue blanket… lol! She wraps herself like that every night!

12 & 13) Officially a Braves fan – attending baseball games and increasing my baseball paraphernalia!

14 &15) Attending Atlanta Hawks’s Basketball game

16) A photo taken by mistake – but came out pretty cool!:)


1, 2 & 3) My friend Natalie invited me to a wine and paint event!!! Totally worth it! It was so much fun and I learned I am not a bad artist!:)

4) At my linesisters law school graduation party!!!

5, 6 & 7) Date night at the movies! We couldn’t resist sitting on this prop!

8 & 9) Bought new lip color at MAC!!! Viva glam V & Ruby Woo! I loveee!:)

10 & 11) At another baseball game – Braves vs. Yankee’s and teasing our friend, Justin, that the Statue of Liberty doesn’t want to be a Yankee! 😉

12) Cake pops!!!

13,14,15 & 16) Hanging out with my sorority sisters as they came into town!

I can’t wait to see how the rest of the year is going to turn out!!! How is your year going so far?

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Abby Grace - I LOVE that camera necklace!! I want one!

Emilia Jane - So fun! Looks like a great month :-)

caitlin elizabeth - so many instagram photos from july! love it!

teri pozniak // tPoz - Looks like you are definitely getting out & about & exploring your new hometown! LOVE the camera necklace! What a thoughtful gift!

Katie Yuen - Drinking wine & painting sounds like the most wonderful combination in the world! Love what you created!!! :)