Mary & Alain Engagement Session

Mary & Alain were such a fun couple to shoot! Their fun-loving spirit is shown throughout each frame and it was soooo hard to choose images for this blog post!

Their proposal story was out of this world, romantic!

Mary was traveling half way around the world for business and had a layover in Dubai before heading back to Orlando. During her travels, Alain went to visit Mary’s parents in Wisconsin to ask for her hand in marriage. After receiving her parents approval, Alain made his was to Dubai to be in the airport in time for Mary’s layover. Needless to say, between the love notes, long hours in the airport and high anxiety – these two finally found their way to each other! Alain had planned out a romantic dinner (ahem, FEAST) in the middle of the desert and the only way to get to their canopy was by camel! Say what!?? Yes, by  Camel!!! Such a romantic and lovely surprise! I must say – AWESOME job, Alain!!! Guys: Take notes!:)

I am definitely looking forward to shooting their wedding in July!


Mary – You are gorgeous!! 
Their outfits! Seriously!:)

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Emilia Jane - Mary is so stylish! Love that first outfit 😀

Alison Harper - They are the cutest! I just love this session. The wedding is going to be just as beautiful!

Saadia Me'Chel - I love these! What a great looking couple too. They seem to be very stylish as well. Love the colors they chose to wear. Great Janelle!!!

Abbey - Gorgeous session Janelle!!!!

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